Best Way to Keep Fleas Under Control

What is the best way to keep fleas under control, with your cat or dog? Here is what we do.

Every year in the spring time, the fleas seem to come back and our beagle begins to scratch. I always cringe, because I know if left unchecked, it could get really bad. We have tried several things over the years. I want to share our easiest and also cheapest way of relieving our dog of fleas, quickly and efficiently.

As soon as I see the fleas begin to come, I know we need to get her a flea collar. This may sound too simple, or lame to people, but it really does the trick. Even a week later, if I haven't gotten one, but then put one on, it seems to take away all the fleas within a day or two! I kid you not.

I like this method better than putting the medicine on their back, to seep into their skin. It may be a favorite for others, but for us, the flea collar is so efficient that I don't need to do anything else. Now that is what I call a win win for everyone! If you haven't tried this, try it soon and give it a chance before fleas get too bad.


By CDC/Janice Haney Carr [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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